Our congregation looks forward to a number of yearly events that complement our worship and help us to celebrate with our church family. A Low Country Boil is held at the end of each summer, where we enjoy delicious food together in a relaxed atmosphere. At that time, we recruit for and share information about all of the various church ministries, and members have the opportunity to make a decision as to how they’d like to serve.

Soon thereafter, we celebrate the Eucharist outdoors at an annual parish picnic in beautiful Thomasville. In December, we all congregate for the Greening of the Church after services on the Sunday before Christmas. All generations join to place poinsettias around our altar, candles in all the windows, and wreaths around the sanctuary — a sight to behold.

Mardi Gras Dinner and Auction is a signature event for All Saints’, raising close to $60,000 each year in support of Thomasville agencies that work with families and children.

At Easter time, our church gathers for Maundy Thursday at a Passover Seder dinner, and on the Sunday that follows, parents and their children look forward to an Easter egg hunt, a longtime tradition of the church. On the day of our Mother’s Day service, we honor our mothers with gifts of flowers and follow the service with a champagne reception.

 Covid Protocols (Revised April 23, 2021)

  • Masks must be worn except by the celebrant and the lay readers when they are reading.
  • Maximum number of people is 70 plus the musicians, acolytes, lay readers, and clergy.
  • Spacing is at least six feet unless you are sitting with family members with whom you live. In order to distance people by 6 feet every other pew is restricted. You may sit in a restricted pew if that does not put you closer than six feet to other worshippers.
  • Singing other than by the musicians is not permitted. You are, however, encouraged to turn to the hymns and hum the tune or mouth the words softly into your mask.
  • Communion is in one kind and the priest will bring you the host.
  • The offering plate is placed in the aisle and will be brought to the altar at the offertory.
  • Temperature checks are not required.